Te Whakakitenga o Waikato Incorporated is the tribal authority representing the people of Waikato-Tainui iwi.

Te Whakakitenga o Waikato is the trustee of Waikato-Tainui assets and is the successor entity to the Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust, the Waikato Raupatu River Trust and Tainui Group Holdings.

The current governance structure was established following the 1995 Waikato Raupatu Settlement and incorporates a democratic structure where marae play a vital role. Tribal members elect three members from their marae to represent them for three years in Te Whakakitenga o Waikato.

Te Whakakitenga o Waikato members then elect ten of their number to an executive body called Te Arataura. One additional member (the Kaahui Ariki representative) is appointed to Te Arataura by the Head of the Kaahui Ariki, Kiingi Tuheitia.

Each of the 68 Marae represented in Te Whakakitenga o Waikato have one vote. Proceedings are managed by a Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary, elected in to their positions by members. All terms are for three years (except for the Kaahui Ariki representative, who serves at the King’s discretion).

Our organisational structure

2016 TWoT Org Structure