What You Need To Know Before Continuing.

Teenaa Koe, Kia Ora, Welcome. You are a click away from accessing the Waikato Tribal Register online.

The online facility will enable existing registered members, once they have successfully completed the relative processes that follow, to view their own personal information and to carry out amendments and/or provide updates to that information.

The online facility can also be used to create a new registration.

In providing this type of access, protecting the safety and security of member’s details has to be a tribal priority at all times. While there are legal requirements that the tribe must comply with such as the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, the provisions of whakapapa, whanaungatanga and kaitiakitanga, for example, are equally as important.

For those reasons we have introduced a number of new requirements that must be complied with before any registration or request for access is approved/complete. These new requirements will apply to everyone and in all situations i.e. includes registrations being submitted via post or in person.

Identification – as noted earlier, it is paramount that member’s privacy is secure and protected at all times. All requests for registration (online and offline e.g. post/person) or online access, must be supported by documentary proof of ID. In that regard therefore, the tribe requires you to provide a copy of one of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate – if you have subsequently legally changed your name then you must also provide a copy of the relative documentation e.g. marriage certificate, Deed Poll certificate;
  • Driver’s License – must be current, expired copies will not be acceptable;
  • Passport – must be current, expired copies will not be acceptable;
  • Other photo ID cards such as a student card – must be current, expired copies will not be acceptable;

If you are registering on behalf of your child/children or mokopuna, a copy of their birth certificate/s will need to be provided.

Documentary evidence of ID can be sent to the tribe via one of the following options:

  • Post to Tribal Registration, Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui Inc, PO Box 648, Hamilton 3240;
  • Scan and email to tribalregistrations@tainui.co.nz;
  • Deliver to the tribe’s main office at 4 Bryce Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

PLEASE NOTE – registrations and/or requests for online access will not proceed or be completed until such time as the tribe holds documentary proof of ID.

Whakapapa Validation – requirements in this area are unchanged. Your application can be validated by a kaumaatua of your nominated mare/hapuu or this part of the process can be arranged by Tribal registrations staff.

Additional Information – you will note that the application form has been expanded to include demographic information. This information is being sought by the tribe so that we have a better understanding of where our members live and the skills and knowledge that they have acquired. The collection of this information is for tribal purposes only and will not be disclosed or distributed to any other parties. In the unlikely event of the tribe wishing to share any of this information, that will not occur without the prior written consent of members.

Collection of this information, together with data obtained from various surveys undertaken by tribal entities from time to time, will enable the tribe to develop a knowledge base of its registered members while also enabling the tribe to identify key sectors or areas where focused or specific programs/activities could be developed in relation to health,social and/or economic initiatives.

Amending Information – once you have online access to your personal information, you will be able to view amend/update that information as appropriate. It is important that the information that the tribe holds for/about you is current and accurate.

By clicking on the button below, I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing and understand that I am required to provide the tribe with documentary proof of ID. I undertake to provide the required documentation and acknowledge that until the tribe has received that documentation, and is satisfied that it complies with all of their requirements, my application will be held unactioned.