Waikato-Tainui Te Arataura is our executive body that is made up of representatives from Te Whakakitenga o Waikato.

Rahui Papa (Chairman)

Poohara Marae
Rahui has represented his marae in the tribal parliament since its inception in 1999 and currently co-chairs the Ngaati Koroki-Kahukura Tribal Trust. He has a background in broadcasting and education and currently chairs several community organisations from Koohanga Reo to Tribal and Community Trusts and sits on Iwi-Government governance groups. Rahui has been a director and member on various tribal, local and national organisations, mainly focusing on the well-being and development of Waikato-Tainui and Maaori in general. He is an orator and a recognised authority on Waikato reo and tikanga. He is pou tikanga for tertiary and corporate groups within the Waikato.

Tukoroirangi Morgan (Kaahui Ariki representative)

Tukoroirangi is the Kaahui Ariki representative on Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura. From 2006-2012 he was chair of Te Arataura and co-negotiator on the historical Waikato River Claim. He is one of the inaugural co-chairs of the Waikato River Authority and has been a journalist, broadcaster, Member of Parliament and Crown advisor on treaty settlements.

Rukumoana Schaafhausen (Deputy Chairman)

Rukumoana Marae
Rukumoana is in her fourth term as a member of both Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura. She has a background in commercial and corporate law, and is a past director of TGH and a current director of Genesis Energy Ltd and Regional Facilities, Auckland.

Tom Roa (Negotiator)

Puurekireki Marae
Tom has represented Puurekireki Marae in Te Kauhanganui since its inception. He is a past member of Te Arataura, having served on the executive from 2000–2005, before returning in 2011. Tom is also a former chairman of Te Kauhanganui and served in that role from 2006-2010. He is also a Justice of the Peace and a lecturer at the University of Waikato.

Tipa Mahuta

Waahi Paa
Tipa is in her third term as a member of Te Kauhanganui. Her background is in education, policy and research and she has held a number of governance roles for a range of entities including the Waikato Conservation Board, past director of TGH and Te Reo Irirangi o Tainui. Tipa is a passionate advocate for rangatahi-centred development and provides mentoring and coaching to support this kaupapa. She is the current Deputy Chair of the Waikato Regional Council.

Tahi-o-Hurae Rangiawha

Mootakotako Marae
From a young age, Tahi has been involved in marae, hapuu and iwi matters. He is the current chairman of the Mootakotako Marae committee and has a  Masters in Matauranga Maaori from Te Waananga o Raukawa. From 2006-2014 he worked at the Waikato Raupatu River Trust as a part of the Waikato River negotiation team and was also the project lead for Tai Tumu, Tai Pari, Tai Ao – the tribe’s environmental plan. He now works as Pou Tairangahau for the Department of Conservation in a role that involves working with whaanau, marae, hapuu and iwi from across the Tainui Waka rohe.

Patience Orangi Te Ao

Tauranganui Marae
Patience has been a member of Te Kauhanganui since its establishment in 1999 and is a past member of Te Arataura. She brings with her a wealth of skills and experience having served on a number of governing boards, including Deputy Chair of the Huakina Development Trust (2006-2014), Deputy Chair of the Independence Maori Statutory Board Tamaki Makaurau (2010-2013), and a director of Procare Network Limited, ProCare Health Clinical Governance and the PROMA Maori Health Advisory Board.

Hoki-Mai Chong

Rereteewhioi Marae
Hoki-Mai is serving his first term on Te Arataura. He has a Master of Public Administration (Executive) from Victoria University and has worked extensively in government in various legal and policy roles. Hoki-Mai is the current Chief Advisor to the Chief Executive of Te Puni Kookiri.

Marae Tukere

Tuurangawaewae Marae
Marae is in her second term as rep for Turangawaewae Marae in Te Kauhanganui and elected member of Te Arataura.  She has management experience via a 20-year career with the Maaori Land Court and six years as Tribal Development Manager for Waikato-Tainui from 2006-2011. Marae currently works for the Waikato District Council as Pouhono Iwi ki te Haapori.  She holds portfolios in HR, Audit and Risk and Distributions. Other governance roles include elected member of the Ngaruawahia Community Board and former Runanga member for Te Wharekura of Rakaumanga and Te Kura Kaupapa Maaori o Bernard Fergusson.

Hemi Rau

Te Kotahitanga Marae
Hemi was elected to the inaugural Te Kauhanganui in 1999. He served as deputy chairman of Tekaumaarua (now Te Arataura) from 2000-2002 and was re-elected to the executive in 2011. Hemi is a former chief executive officer of the Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust, having filled that role from 2002-2009. Hemi is also a director of TGH.

Paki Rawiri

Te Awamaarahi Marae
Paki has previously worked within the tribe’s fishing interests and was appointed general manager of the tribe’s two commercial fishing entities in 1999. He has worked with Te Ohu Kaimoana in Wellington and, since 2008, has worked as a consultant in the area of iwi and Maaori development. Paki continues to work with iwi organisations and holds directorships on a number of commercial iwi-owned companies. Paki is also a director of TGH.