The social, economic and cultural impacts of COVID-19 are hitting our people the hardest.  In the face of a pandemic, history has shown that here in Aotearoa, Maaori are the most susceptible.  But these are not unprecedented times for Waikato-Tainui.  Kiingitanga has previously supported our people through the hardship of pandemics.  The example of Te Puea and her efforts after the Influenza pandemic of 1918 can guide us in our response today to COVID-19.

The following five projects have been prioritised over the coming months and give affect to our commitment to driving to help our people, our communities, our region and our nation foward.  These are the Taniwha Projects and through these we hope to build a tribal economy which supports increased employment opportunities, builds local enterprise, strengthens our marae, connects communities, improves wellbeing and health outcomes for all and protects our river, spaces and places.

We invite dialogue on how we can collaborate to realise this mahere mahi.  We know that it is only through working with our marae and people that these projects will be given breath and come to life. It is our aim to be be bold, courageous and innovative so that the impact of these initiatives can make a real difference to our whaanau and marae.

Reflecting on the words of our King... together we will get through this.

Our Focus

All of our activities over the next 12 months are focused on designing and driving our own model of self-sufficiency for our marae, whaanau and communities to thrive. The high level outcomes we seek are derived from the words of Princess Te Puea.

Water Supply and Infrastructure

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the Waikato river to support the environment, marae, whaanau and wider Waikato and Auckland regions.

Tupu Whenua

Supporting employment, enterprise and housing needs through better understanding and utilisation of our land assets.

Hopuhopu Innovation Hub

Creating a vibrant interconnected community at Hopuhopu which focuses on supporting innovation and holistic wellbeing.


Working alongside the health sector, marae and whaanau to co-design and develop models of service for improved wellbeing outcomes for whaanau.

Te Paa Whakawairua

Supporting our 68 marae to design and drive their own sustainable models of growth to achieve mana motuhake.