To apply for a Tertiary Education Grant and/or Scholarship, you must be a registered tribal member, residing in NZ and studying at a NZ Tertiary Institution to be eligible.

Applications will open 1 December 2017 and close 31 March 2018 (and 31 July 2018 for study commencing in the 2nd semester). The 2018 enrolments have now closed.


Selection criteria for the scholarship will include:
  1. Confirmation of 2018 enrolment
  2. Official name of qualification
  3. List of course subjects
  4. Certified invoice of your course costs
  5. Start and finish date of course
  6. Study type (full or part time)
  7. Year of study (2nd year or more)
  8. NZQA level of course (6, 7, 8 or 9)
  9. Previous year academic results transcript (only applicable if you have previously received a tertiary ed grant) Note: Applicants must have passed a minimum of 75% of the previous year’s courses to be eligible for further Scholarships
  10. Current CV
  11. Verified bank account details

Items 1-8 need to be on tertiary institution letterhead.

The 2018 enrolments have now closed.

Call 0800 824 684 to find out when the next application period will be for 2019.

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