Te Mana o Te Maatauranga is the Education plan for Waikato-Tainui which sets out the goals and aspirations of the Education and Career Pathways team. 

Waikato-Tainui has three distinct roles to play in the current education context: as a provider, connector and influencer.

As a provider, our role is to deliver programmes primarily to whaanau and marae that provide opportunities for all tribal members to become life-long learners and leaders.

As a connector, our role is to connect tribal members to providers and services that will support them as a life-long learner, particularly in the Maaori-medium and mainstream education settings. 

As an influencer, our role is to develop and maintain quality relationships with the Crown, government agencies, regional authorities and other Iwi to support the realisation of our Education plan.

For a copy of Te Mana o Te Maatauranga Plan, click here.


The offerings that the Education team provide are:

Young Engineers

Based in Maaori-medium kura across the region, this is a programme which aims to teach Year 5-10 students the basics about engineering using a lego-based learning system.

Te Rau Tutuu - Taster Courses

From one-day workshops to week-long waananga, these courses provide Year 9-13 taiohi with a ‘taste’ of different career pathways.

Te Rau Hora - Mentoring Programme

A mentoring programme targeted towards Year 12 and 13 students, where taiohi get to explore the ‘world of work’ at Waikato-Tainui.

Kawenata Partnerships

Key relationships with education providers in our rohe allow us to positively influence learning environments that tribal members participate in every day.

Online Marae Profiles

Working with one marae at a time, we help them develop their own online profile so that whaanau anywhere in the world can connect to our 68 marae.

Mana Whenua Stories for School

We work with mana whenua across the region to develop their stories into school curriculum resources.

Te Rau Kapo

We work with rangatahi and school leavers to enrol and support them through tertiary training. Our commitment is to make sure our tribal members complete their programme of study and gain meaningful employment when they graduate.