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Our Vision

Maaku anoo e hanga tooku nei whare Ko ngaa pou oo roto he maahoe, he patatee. Ko te taahuhu, he hiinau. Me whakatupu ki te hua o te rengarenga Me whakapakari ki te hua o te kawariki.

I shall fashion my own house. The support posts shall be of maahoe, patatee. The ridgepole of hinau. The inhabitants shall be raised on rengarenga and nurtured on kawariki.

Kiingi Taawhiao


Ko Waikato te Iwi

Ko Mookau ki runga
Ko Taamaki ki raro
Ko Mangatoatoa ki waenganui.
Pare Hauraki, Pare Waikato
Te Kaokaoroa-o-Paatetere.

Mookau is above
Taamaki is below
Mangatoatoa is between.
The boundaries of Hauraki, the boundaries of Waikato
To the place called ‘the long armpit of Paatetere’.

When you look out across Kaawhia harbour, those waters are where more than 700 years ago our great Tainui waka carried our voyaging ancestors. These ancestors would go on to lead the tribes of Waikato, Hauraki, Maniapoto and Raukawa.

Today we have more than 70,000 Waikato-Tainui iwi members connected to 68 marae and 33 hapuu. Our rohe is vast and stretches from Auckland in the north, Te Rohe Potae in the south and extends from Kaawhia in the west coast to the mountain ranges of Hapuakohe and Kaimai in the east.

Our Waikato-Tainui history has been shaped by what has been done to us and what has been done by us.

Kiingitanga was established, under Pootatau Te Wherowhero, to unite and strengthen iwi. What followed was a brutal period for our people, where our tribal estate was confiscated. And for 125 years, we battled the Crown for justice for that confiscation. Our tribal leaders went on to negotiate the Waikato Raupatu Lands Settlement in 1995, followed by the Waikato River Settlement in 2008.

With a portion of our tribal resources now back in our hands, we began the journey of re-envisioning our future. To see what could be achieved for our iwi, by our iwi. We set our vision for the future, Whakatupuranga 2050

We knew we wanted to be an iwi that holds fast to the principles of the Kiingitanga. These principles being Whakaiti – Humility, Whakapono – Trust and Faith, Aroha – Love and Respect, Rangimaarie – Peace and Calm, Manaakitanga – Caring, Kotahitanga – Unity, and Mahi tahi –Collaboration.

We wanted an iwi that is strong in its culture and language, aspires to lofty heights of excellence and leadership and is educated and trained to the level that they needed to be. An iwi that grows its hard-won estate and cares for its natural resources. An iwi with marae that are self-sufficient and people who are socially and economically successful. The Kiingitanga that began under Pootatau Te Wherowhero continues and thrives today with Kiingi Tuheitia.

Just like our ancestors who were voyagers and pioneers, we too are on a journey that requires the best of ourselves to create a better future for this and the next generation of Waikato-Tainui. Kia tupu, kia hua, kia puaawai. To grow, prosper, and sustain.

My Waikato-Tainui

Are you from Waikato but have not registered as an iwi member? You can now do this online through our new service by clicking on Tribal Registry and going through the steps.


Already a member? Ka pai, then check into My Waikato-Tainui – there you can apply for grants and update your details. Soon you will also be able to enrol in wananga and tribal events so watch this space.


Aoraki Bound Scholarship

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Summer Student Programme 2017/18

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Your Te Hookioi

We’ve got lots of news to share with you about Waikato-Tainui, our progress and learnings, our journey. Here you will find our latest news, publications, and social media posts.

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Your Employment Opportunities

With Waikato-Tainui

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Are you a highly experienced PA looking for the next career step, working in an iwi or Maori corporate context? Do you have: Demonstrated experience working in an iwi or Māori corporate context; Superior time management, admin support and organisational skills; Enhance the CEO’s effectiveness by the provision of high quality support.

Apply here

Legal Advisor, Governance and Legal

Can you provide support and advice across the Waikato-Tainui entities in relation to a range of complex legal issues? We are looking for someone who can: Provide constructive analysis and guidance on legal matters; and Discretely handle highly sensitive and confidential information; A legal qualification is a requirement, as is experience in a similar position.

Apply here

Investment Advisor - Governance and Legal

This role assists the GM to set up all the required processes and then monitor the alignment of the strategic activities to the tribal requirements. The advisor will: review and analyse commercial opportunities and Investment proposals. develop and write robust and comprehensive policy and procedural documents; and have extensive experience in a similar position is pre-requisite.

Apply here

Taiao Manager - Environment

Do you have strong project management skills, with a track record of successfully managing projects and initiatives in an iwi, or Maaori context? We are looking for someone with: a demonstrated track record of delivering Taiao focused projects; who can lead tribal Taiao initiatives including working alongside marae/hapuu; and has proven managerial experience of a technical team.

Apply here

General Manager - Engagement and Communications

This role is positioned to attract an applicant with significant, marketing, communications and PR experience. We are looking for someone to lead organisational communications, PR and brand management; significantly lift the profile of the work of Waikato-Tainui; and someone who has strong tribal knowledge and understanding of tribal history and structures.

Apply here

General Manager - Governance and Legal

This is a highly strategic position, supporting management and oversight of the collective assets of Iwi. We are looking with someone who has knowledge in government processes, legislation, regulations, and policy development; and experience in the review of commercial opportunity and investment proposals. This person will lead a team of six and report to the CEO.

Apply here

General Manager - Te Oranga

You will lead the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and business plans of a number of projects. We are looking for someone who can develop policy and procedures; successfully work and engage with the community, and public interest groups; and can demonstrate extensive leadership experience of a highly technical senior team.

Apply here

General Manager, Heritage and Identity

As the General Manager, Heritage and Identity, you will lead the Heritage and Identity Unit that cares for, and protects the tribal database. We are looking for someone who has strong tribal knowledge and understanding of tribal history and structures; experience leading, mentoring and guiding a team; and can turn strategic plans into operational outcomes.

Apply here

Marketing Manager, Engagement and Communications

Do you want to be part of an organisation that has an enviable and important story to tell, that will impact and support generations to come? We are looking for someone who can develop marketing plans, including implementing campaigns, drive brand management and corporate identity activities.

Apply here

People and Culture Manager, Operations

Do you want to be part of something that has a significant impact on the long-term well-being of generations? We are looking for someone to develop, prioritise and embed HR strategies and programmes of work; and manage key stakeholder and internal client relationships.

Apply here

With our Partners

We work with our partners to support growing industries and the sectors that we have invested into. We want Waikato-Tainui whaanau to share in the opportunities that arise out of our partnerships and investments. Just click here for any opportunities on offer.

Starting a New Business or Taking Steps to Grow?

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Connect to a full range of services available in the business eco-system.

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Your Driver Licence Subsidy

Kia Haere Tuu is our own initiative to help people get their driver licences. Kia Haere Tuu translates to “Be Alert” and derives from a well-known kiwaha of Princess Te Puea – “kia maaori ai te haere atu, kia maaori ai te hokinga mai” which refers to ensuring that our people who travel, return home safely. The Driver Licence Grant is a collaborative initiative supported by Waikato-Tainui, Te Puni Kokiri, Mercury Energy and New Zealand Transport Agency.

The Grant offers registered Waikato-Tainui tribal members a 50% discount off the FULL cost of a Class 1 Car learners, restricted or full licence.  It also offers at least a 60% discount off the cost to attend a Street Talk Defensive Driving Course (normally $180-$215). Give us a call on 0800824684 and we’ll help with the full details.

Your Housing Opportunities

Warm, safe homes for iwi members is a priority for Waikato-Tainui. If you are looking to buy a home, contact to discuss your options.

You can also register for a Home Ownership Workshop by clicking here

Your Education

Waikato-Tainui tribal members are lifelong learners and leaders who determine their own futures. Our education plan, Ko Te Mana Maatauranga is directly informed by and aligned to Whakatupuranga 2050. Our priorities are:

  • All Waikato-Tainui tribal members are fluent in Waikato-Tainui reo me oona tikanga.
  • All Waikato-Tainui tribal members transition into meaningful pathways.
  • All Waikato-Tainui tribal members know their whakapapa and are connected to their marae.

We have different Te Reo Maaori waananga available for iwi members. For all enquiries about Te Reo Kaakaho, Te Reo Kaapuia, Te Reo Aratau, and other education matters please email or call 0800 TAINUI – 0800 824 684.

Your Mokopuna Ora

Sixty per cent of children in state care are Maaori. Our own Waikato-Tainui whaanau are being cared for by others but now we have a programme to bring our mokopuna back into their whakapapa lines and make a positive difference. If you would like to know more about Mokopuna Ora, then contact us through 0800 TAINUI - 0800 824 684 or .

Your Governors

Te Whakakitenga o Waikato (formerly known as Te Kauhanganui) is the tribal authority that represents the people of Waikato-Tainui. The current governance structure was established following the 1995 Waikato Raupatu Claims Settlement and incorporates a democratic structure where marae hold a vital role.

Tribal members elect two members from their marae to represent them for three years on Te Whakakitenga o Waikato. Officers of Te Whakakitenga o Waikato include a Chairman and Deputy Chairman who are elected to their positions by the members of Te Whakakitenga.

Your new Te Whakakitenga o Waikato chair is Parekawhia McLean (Te Papa-o-Rotu), deputy-chair is Tipa Mahuta (Waahi Marae).

Your Appointments Committee is: Huirama Matatahi (Waahi Marae), Ratauhinga Turner (Tauhei Marae), Robert Clark (Te Kotahitanga Marae), John Namana Kopa (Aotearoa Marae), Nanaia Rawiri (Te Awamaarahi Marae).

The role of Te Whakakitenga is to:

  • Uphold, support, strengthen and protect the Kiingitanga (which incorporates the principles of unity, the retention of the tribal base in collective ownership, and co-operation among peoples).
  • Protect, advance, develop and unify the interests of Waikato-Tainui.
  • Foster among the members of Waikato-Tainui the principles of whakaiti, rangimaarie and kia tuupato and other tikanga of Waikato-Tainui.
  • Achieve and support the existing and future settlements of the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi and/or raupatu claims of Waikato-Tainui.
  • Act as trustee of the Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust established by the Lands Trust Deed.
  • Act as trustee of the Waikato Raupatu River Trust established by the River Trust Deed.
  • Maintain the spirit and intent of the 1995 Deed of Settlement between Waikato-Tainui and the Crown, and the Trust Deeds.

Te Arataura

Te Arataura is the executive body that is made up of representatives from elected members of Te Whakakitenga o Waikato and the Kaahui Ariki representative. The Kaahui Ariki representative is appointed by the Head of the Kaahui Ariki and serves at their discretion. The remaining members are elected by Te Whakakitenga o Waikato for each three-year term.

Your Te Arataura Board is: Patience Te Ao (Tauranganui Marae), Linda Naumai Te Aho (Poohara Marae), Jackie Colliar (Taniwha Marae), Aubrey Te Kanawa (Poihaakena Marae), Hinerangi Raumati-Tu'ua (Tuurangawaewae Marae), Hoki-mai Chong (Rereteewhioi Marae), Karen Akamiria Takanini Wilson (Puukaki Marae), Donald Turner (Taupiri Marae), Hemi Rau (Te Kotahitanga Marae), Tahi-o-Hurae Te Aomarama Rangiawha (Mootakotako Marae)
Kahui Ariki Representative (Appointed by Kiingi Tuheitia): Rukumoana Schaafhausen (Rukumoana Marae)

Your Waikato-Tainui

Your tribal organisation is made up of four entities that are committed to building the capacity of our iwi, hapuu, marae and tribal members.

Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust manages tribal affairs; implements the tribe’s development strategy; and, makes distributions for education, health and wellbeing, marae, social and cultural development. Your CEO is Donna Flavell.

Waikato Raupatu River Trust was established to oversee and implement the 2008 Waikato River Settlement and related statutory and regulatory reform. It also leads and monitors our outstanding treaty claims. Your CEO is Donna Flavell.


Tainui Group Holdings is the commercial arm of Waikato-Tainui. A property investment and development company, TGH operates a diversified investment portfolio including retail, residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties. TGH also manages Waikato-Tainui Fisheries Ltd, which owns and leases fishing quota and holds shares in Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd. Your CEO is Chris Joblin.


Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development has been established as a place for higher learning. It is an international centre of excellence that aims to provide quality postgraduate study and research to strengthen iwi development, produce future leaders and support indigenous development. Your Acting CEO is Tuti Cooper.